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Vocabulary - DHabshoosh Vocabulary - DHabshoosh

Chapter 1
emaciated- (adj) extremely thin through illness or lack of food
frail- (adj) not strong, physically weak, easily broken or destroyed
jauntily- (adj) brisk, crisp in appearance
undaunted- (adj) not discouraged or disheartened;
amiably- (adj) socialable, friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likable.
disdainfully- (adv) in a proud and domineering manner, without respect
towheaded- (adj) having blonde or yellowish hair
reverberated- (v) resounded in a succession of echoes
dubious- (adj) undecided, fraught with uncertainty or doubt
monotonously- (adv) sounded or spoken in an unvarying tone
temerity- (noun) foolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness.
morosely - in a gloomy, melancholy way
amenities - social courtesies
scoffed - mocked; scorned
lethargically - in a lazy, indifferent way
adamently - firmly; without giving up
desolately - in a lonely or wretched way

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